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Gem Bruna Kajiya 2022 Harness

Gem Bruna Kajiya 2022 Harness

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The Mystic Gem 2022 with special Bruna Kajiya print realy stands out on your kitespot! The harness is not only super beautiful, but also gives you very good support in the back so that you can kite longer and harder than ever!

  • Women's Hardshell
  • Bruna Kajiya print
  • Fiberglass shell
  • Excluding spreader bar
  • Rigid fiberglass hardshell harness from Mystic designed by Bruna

    The Mystic Gem has been one of the best hardshell harnesses for women for years. Every year Bruna and Jalou compete again for who has the most beautiful print for this awesome hardshell harness. You can choose who is the winner for 2022

    The Gem Bruna has the same strong and stiff Roven Composite Bionic Core Frame as the male version, the Majestic. The shape of the Gem is specially tailored to the female body so that it fits perfectly. So central is the rigid hardshell plate around which the Gem is built. Because the Gem is so stiff, you can use a large part of your back to process the power of your kite. You will soon notice that you can handle more wind and kite for longer without getting tired or having pain in your back. The inside of the Mystic Gem Bruna is in the back of a stylish Fix Foam padding. The edges of the rigid shell are covered in neoprene for extra comfort. Space is made for your knife in the FlexCovers to put your webbing back in. Just like the spreader bar, the blade is sold separately with the Mystic Gem Bruna 2022 Hardshell Trapeze.

    Gem Trapeze Features


  • Hardshell BCF Roven core
  • Fix Foam padding
  • Soft neoprene edges
  • Flex Covers
  • Battle Belt 2.0
  • Exclusive blade and spreader bar

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