Mozambique Tropical Island Safari.

Join us on this pristine island off the coast of Mozambique in Southern Africa. This tropical island kiteboarding adventure provides endless downwinders at private kite spots in this warm water paradise. With ideal learning conditions and consistent winds, this is the perfect place to start your kiteboarding journey. This trip will also include snorkeling coral reefs, swimming with dolphins, and whale watching.

  • Dates: August, September & October 2023
  • Wind range: 14 to 28 knots
  • Trip duration: 7 day or 10 day option 


Mozambique Safari

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Egypt Luxury Yacht Safari.

Join professional kiters Joshua Emanuel and Mostafa Abbas on a seven-day kite safari aboard a luxurious yacht. Spend a week kiteboarding on pristine flat water spots in crystal clear water. The yacht will travel to various islands, allowing guests to kite a variety of locations. This is an excellent opportunity to advance your riding skills!

Dates: 8th – 15th April 2023
Wind range: 15 to 35 knots
Trip duration: 7 days


Snow Kiting Finland.

This is a trip full of bucket-list experiences. From snow kiting to seeing the northern lights, husky sledding, snowboarding, snow biking, and arctic ice swims, there’s something for everyone!

Dates: February 2023
Wind range: 5 to 20 knots
Trip duration: 7 days

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Mauritius Wave-riding Safari.

This trip is hosted by Joshua Emanuel and is focused on wave-riding and strapless freestyle progression at arguably the best wave-riding location in the world. Le-Morne offers flat water and different wave options with a picturesque backdrop of the mountain. On this island there are always activities to do!

Dates: July 2023
Wind range: 16 to 25 knots
Trip duration: 7 days

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The full African Safari Experience.

Enjoy the full African safari experience on South Africa’s East Coast! In the spirit of adventure, we visit a few wild and magical places on this trip. This may be the only place in Africa where you can see the Big 5, swim with dolphins, and kite all in the same day! This is also one of the best scuba diving locations in the world.

Dates: November 2023
Wind range: 16 to 30 knots
Trip duration: 7 days

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  • Lorenzo Valenti

    Lorenzo has been kitesurfing since he was seven years old. It has been a lifelong passion for him, allowing him to travel the world. During his time abroad, he worked as a kite instructor on superyachts in places like Fiji. Now that he’s back in Durban, he’s pursued his dream of launching Fruitloops with the same person who he started his kitesurfing journey with. Together, Lorenzo and Joshua hope to take kitesurfing to new heights in South Africa.

  • Joshua Emanuel

    Joshua is a water born person who was fortunate enough to grow up with the ocean on his doorstep. His main passion in life is kitesurfing and he has managed to build a career out of it. He has achieved international success on the big air stage of the sport, having won one the biggest competitions, the Redbull Megaloop Challenge. He is renowned in the kite world for going the biggest and pushing the limits.