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Core kites

Core XR8

Core XR8

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Harness the incredible power of the XR8 kite, distinguished by its rigid 5-strut frame in a unique Deltabow design. This remarkable kite enables you to embark on next-level jumps and enjoy extended hang time like never before. Prepare yourself for an experience of supreme comfort and masterful control, as the XR8 effortlessly responds to your every command.

Explosive jump forces and superior upwind performance guaranteed

Benefitting from the enhanced rigidity of the ExoTex 2 material, the XR8's entire airframe has been meticulously optimized, resulting in reduced leading edge and strut diameters. This ingenious modification grants the kite exceptional agility, heightened responsiveness, and improved control.

When we speak of reaching new heights, we truly mean it

The XR8 will take your kiting to extraordinary levels. You’ll find that loops are more efficient with an earlier and smoother catch. The CoreTex 2 canopy is both highly durable and has an extremely low stretch. These two features work together to give the canopy unparalleled flight stability, power, and control.

Crafted for exceptional performance and enduring strength

Designed with utmost durability and resilience in mind, the XR8 incorporates materials that meet industry standards. The ExoTex 2 material provides an impressive 80% increase in tear resistance, while the CoreTex 2 material boasts a remarkable 300% improvement. These advancements guarantee that the XR8 consistently delivers top-tier performance during every exhilarating session.

Unleash the exhilaration of massive airtime – with the all-new XR8!

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