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Core XR6 10M Demo

Core XR6 10M Demo

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The CORE XR series now reaches its sixth iteration, with the XR5 breaking various jump height records over the last couple of years. It is on the same fusion of a delta and bow platform with five struts and a pronounced concave in the trailing edge. So how does the XR6 differ from the XR5? In our opinion mainly in the kite’s handling and overall bar feel. The XR6 is still unashamedly genre-specific, which is a very good thing.

The first thing we noticed is that the turning speed has perked up a bit. The XR5 was a big rigid five-strut affair and required a little persuasion to initiate the turns. Some revised bridle positioning and a more rigid strut design seem to have made that initial crank on the bar give a much more noticeable reaction without being over twitchy. The bridling has definitely been made shorter and it runs the same double pulley system as previously. Bar pressure seems marginally higher than before giving a less remote bar response.

The XR6 seems far smoother throughout the entire depower range and seems to retain decent rear line tension even when fully cranked in on the sheeting system. When you power up the kite with vigor, you immediately notice it actively spanning out, presenting more sail to the wind and increasing power. This is quite a party trick and clearly helps it achieve the trademark lofty performance.

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