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Core kites

Core Sensor 3S PRO bar

Core Sensor 3S PRO bar

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The Sensor 3S Pro Bar is a high-performance bar from Core. It is reinforced with titanium in important places and has Tectanium® lines that are stiffer compared to the normal Sensor 3S Bar.

  • 24 meters of lines (18 + 4 + 2)
  • New handle sheath
  • New Depower Adjuster Cleat
  • Titanium with carbon core
  • Tectanium® lines
  • Push out QR system

Premium and High Performance Kitesurf Bar from Core

The Core Sensor 3S Pro Bar is the high end kitesurf bar from Core. Every detail has been thought out to perfection and only the best and strongest materials have been used for the Core Sensor 3S Pro Bar. Now new to the Sensor 3S Pro Bar, the depower system has received a new convenient clamp for simple and safe depowering. When the adjuster is tightened, the line contracts to a quarter of its original length and is no longer in your way when kiting. The end can be fixed to the clamp with Velcro. Also new with the Sensor 3S Pro Bar is the revised Griploc handle. The handle itself is thin and has extended grip lines that run across the bar to ensure the best grip ever. Left and right are clearly visible due to the black and white color of the Sensor Pro 3S bar. The back is also marked with a red stop sign

A highlight of the Core Sensor Pro 3S Bar is the super easy auto-untwist system. After a rotation or a kiteloop you can easily untwist the power lines by sliding down the bar. The Core Sensor 3S Pro Bar uses a quick release with "push-away" system also called CIC (Core Intuitive Connect). To reassemble the safety system, you simply push the end of the chicken loop back into the CIC system, which then automatically clicks into place and is ready to shred again! The Core Sensor 3S Pro Bar comes with a standard chicken loop. For wave riders or wakestyle kite surfers, there is also a Rope Slider and a Pro Loop. Sensor 3S delivery:

The width of the bar can be adjusted with the Live Wire System Stealth Winders. You can open the Stealth Winders and move the control lines on the Sensor 3S Pro Bar more toward the center of the bar or outward. This makes the Sensor 3S Pro Bar adjustable in width from 46.5 to 50 centimeters. The floaters do not connect directly to the bar of the Sensor 3S Pro Bar, but sit slightly above the bar and are connected to the Live Wire, so your lines can move in the most natural way to give you the best feel with the bar for your kite.

The Core Sensor 3S Pro Bar uses the strongest kitesurfing lines on the market, The Tectanium® lines are made exclusively for Core by German line manufacturer Liros. The Tectanium® lines on the Core Sensor 3S Pro Bar are 24 meters long and divided into 18 + 4 + 2 meters. This allows you to test a variable number of line lengths. The Core Sensor 3S Pro Bar comes in a handy bar bag so you can always store it neatly.


  • 24 meters of lines (18 + 4 + 2)
  • Tectanium Lines®
  • Carbon with titanium core
  • High Y Split
  • Core Intuitive Connect QR System
  • New Griploc grip wrap
  • Live Wire Floater
  • New Stealth Winders
  • New Cleat Depower System
  • Leash included
  • Bar Bag Included
  • Standard chicken loop included

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