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BOWLZIE – Vertical Fishing Rod Rack

BOWLZIE – Vertical Fishing Rod Rack

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The perfect vertical fishing rod rack for your garage, holding 10 rods out of the way of kids, cars and chaos. Easy to install (DIY style), lightweight and convenient. Safely store your fishing gear in your garage.

Stylishly store up to 4 surf, wake or body boards on our Dougy rack. Foam covered to protect your rails from dings. Wetsuit and rashie hanger points.

What’s in the Box

  • Confirmat screws
  • Coach screws & plugs
  • Hex key
  • Dog bones and attachments

Highlights package, you need:

  • 8mm masonry bit, 10mm socket/ No. 10 spanner, a drill and a spirit level.

Look sharp – here we go. So you have dog bones which need to be attached to the wall and racks that need to be attached to the dog bones. You will need an 8mm masonry bit, a drill (to state the obvious), a 10mm socket or No. 10 spanner, and a spirit level if you have OCD and need it to be dead straight.

Connect up the rack arms to the dog bone using the confirmat screws, the middle holes and the hex key to tighten. Confirmation screws are the smaller boys with the flat head.

Put the dog bone into position, mark the four corner holes and drill the first hole. Bring out the spirit level and double check you are happy with the alignment and go for it. Drill baby drill! Plugs into the holes, dog bone over the holes and pop the coach screws in to fasten. You will need to tighten these with a 10mm socket or No.10 spanner.

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