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Core 720 ll 5’3 Demo


We currently have a 5,1 and 5,3 in stock.

Both the boards are in mint condition with very minimal use.

1 in stock


CORE 720 Shred it!


Gravity-defying stick-to-your-feet rotations? Check.

Express yourself on the lighter Gen2 720. Our physics-defying strapless wonder features a new hull inspired by our bestselling twintips and a more durable, lighter build.

What’s new? An all-new channeled, quad concave hull and stringer-less EPS / Epoxy construction give the 720 next-level handling. Sustainable materials like recycled plastic bottles and bio-resins reduce the board’s carbon footprint. Think explosive aerials. Chop busting comfort. Heel dent-resistant landings. And gravity- defying stick-to-your-feet rotations. That’s what you’ll get with the new 720.

Is this board for me? Do you prefer strapless surfing? Do you get inspired by the idea of sticking a clean 720? And does your spot deliver less than stellar wind or wave conditions more often than not? If you answered yes to these, the 720 is a fantastic choice. You may think this tiny board needs more wind for your kite spot but its flat rocker and wide, parallel rails get the 720 on a plane faster than our Ripper 4.

720. Your light wind and small wave pocket rocket. Get yours today.

Sizes (Width | Thickness | Volume):

4’11’’: 17 3/4″ | 2″ | Volume 19,3l 5’1’’: 18 3/16″ | 2″ | Volume 20,6l 5’3’’: 18 3/8″ | 2 1/8″ | Volume 22,1l


The 720 comes standard with a Rear Traction Pad, leash plug, and FCS II fin boxes. (Note: There are no strap inserts installed)

▪ New! Channeled Quad Concave Hull: A double concave channel and two

outboard concaves adds directional control and comfort.
▪ New! Hexagon HD Foam: Superior flex with higher density foam.
▪ New! EPS /Epoxy Composite Sandwich: More ding resistant while improving

▪ New! Level One Verified Ecoboard: More sustainable materials for a better

▪ Ultracompact Shape: Short length reduces swing weight and improves rotations. ▪ Flat Rocker: Improves speed in marginal conditions.
▪ Thruster Fin Setup: Optimizes the balance between control and a loose, skatey

▪ Original FCS II System: The world standard in fin systems.


EUR 1.149,-*
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Original FCS II Fins

Bring your own or choose from three recommended FCS II thruster fin sets: The standard FCS II Carver Glass Flex (GF), the more advanced “Accelerator Neo Glass“ or the pro FCS II Accelerator PC Carbon Tri Set.

Front Traction Pad

If wax is not your thing, we recommend going with the CORE front pad